It's not the laser that removes your tattoo, it's your body that removes it.

The laser just breaks the tattoo into smaller particles so the body can eliminate it.

When it comes to removing your tattoo, the process is broken down into a series of treatments. Unfortunately, technology hasn't advanced that much yet that a tattoo can be removed in one treatment.

However, with the advancement that technology has made means that tattoos can now be removed much faster than it was able to do 20 years ago when the Q-Switch laser was first released.


Just keep in mind the tattoo removal process can be a lengthy process regardless of the lasers used and the amount of treatments needed can vary between everyone. 



 How much will it cost to remove my tattoo? 

We’re all for keeping things simple and keeping you happy.


Throughout the tattoo removal industry, costs can vary depending

on the size, location and colour of your tattoo, however, we have

ensured that our costs per treatment are cost effective and affordable

for our clients with pricing available between $150 - $230 per tattoo



If you would like multiple tattoos removed in one session or if you

have either an extra large or extra small tattoo please complete our

consultation/quote request form below and one of our technicians will

create a package for you that won’t break the bank.


Packages Available 

  • Pay for 3 treatments, get your 4th treatment half price!

  • Pay for 5 treatments, get your 6th treatment free!


We've now made it even easier for you to pay for your treatments! You can now have your treatment and pay it off in 4 easy payments thanks to AfterPay! We'll also gladly price match (maybe even beat!) any written quote provided by a local removalist. 

Want to get a cover up?

We know that there's nothing worse than getting a cover-up and still being able to see your old tattoo underneath or it being so dark that it looks worse than what it did originally. 


Getting your tattoo faded with just a few laser treatments makes it a lot easier and can help you get the cover-up you want without having to get it completely removed or running the risk of it having another tattoo you're not happy with.




Working with you and your tattooist, you guys set the pace with your treatments and when we get to a level that you’re happy with, we’re done!









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