Tattoo Removal Process 

The tattoo removal process can be so rewarding at the end knowing you've erased a past mistake. and you can start fresh or in some instances, start with a new tattoo.

As every tattoo and body are different, the number of treatments can vary between everyone and the results can be so different from someone else's within each stage of their whole treatment. 

Here are some important factors to know about the tattoo removal process: 

  • The number of treatments needed can be anywhere between 7-13 treatments 

  • You need to allow at least 6 weeks between treatments to allow your skin to heal and for your body to eliminate as much ink as possible. 

  • Your aftercare at home plays a vital role in your results. 

  • Ultimately, it's your body that works to remove as much of the ink as possible, our lasers are used as a tool to help break the tattoo ink down. So, your health can affect how quickly your removal 

how's this . . . 

Before laser machines, the most popular methods of removal were excision, where all the layers of the skin that contained ink were sliced away and trichloroacetic acid which burned away the top layers of the skin.

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