We love tattoos!

We believe your body is your canvas,

we're just here to eliminate

what is no longer apart of your story.

It is with a heavy heart, due to COVID-19 and forced restrictions. We, unfortunately, have had to close our studio for treatments and consultations temporarily. We are still available online for quotes and consultations.


The Tattoo Elimination Process

Here at Eliminate Tattoo Removal, we want you to be proud of the skin you live in and offering the latest in tattoo removal technology not only do we treat your tattoo but we look after your skin in the process.


Whether it’s a moment you’d rather forget, want to start a new career or you just want to replace the old with the new. Letting go of your past just got a whole lot easier!

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Want to hide

your tattoo ?

Bad Memories?

Don't like the look of it?



Want to get a cover-up?

We have all been told about our tattoos “I hope you know, you're going to have to live with that forever!", well, thanks to some pretty incredible technology that saying doesn’t stand the test of time anymore.


With the development and advancement of medical-grade laser technology, we are now able to remove tattoos, through a number of treatments.


Our ND YAG Q-Switch laser breaks down the ink particles and effectively removes tattoos of all sizes, colours, and in all locations. Safely removing the traces of ink through the lymphatic system. 


Everyone has a different reason for wanting to get their tattoo removed, whether they just don't like it anymore, want to get a cover up or changing careers.

Whatever your reasons are, just know we are not here to judge, we're just here to remove your tattoo and offer support through the process.

No two tattoos and skin types are the same, everyone's body breaks down the tattoo differently and removes it in its own time frame.


For permanent removal and fading of tattoos, it can require between 7-15 treatments, this amount could be less or more just depending on how your body works to remove the ink.


Just bear in mind that tattoos that are located further away from the heart can take longer to remove due to the reduced circulation in those areas.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The laser is used to safely reach different depths of the skin so it can target the position of the ink and effectively shatter the ink particles.

Tattoo ink absorbs the laser energy used in the treatments and breaks down into smaller particles, the more treatments, the smaller the ink particles will become, eventually disappearing completely

The body then works to remove as many of the shattered ink particles as possible through the lymphatic system over the next 6 weeks

Once the skin has finished its healing process in 6 weeks you’re due for your next treatment until you’re happy with how it’s faded or removed.

Head through to our Treatments page for all additional information on: 

Treatment Process 



Preparation & Aftercare

Still have more questions? Head to our Frequently Asked Questions page where hopefully everything else will be answered for you. 

Speak to one of our incredible technicians with a no-obligation free consultation where you can find out everything you need to know about tattoo removal and have all of your questions answered.  

Ready to get started? If you want to start your treatments straight away, we guarantee that we will make time for your treatment after your consultation. All of our consultations are of course, no-obligation.




“Very knowledgeable and professional service.” 


—  Michael B, Newcastle NSW

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